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Custom Wholesale Pins
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Thanks To Sandra M. from Florida for this tip...
We order a number of extra pins with no backs and use them to attach to award plaques we give out at the end of the year. This adds something special to our awards without adding a lot of extra expense.

Thanks to Jody C. from New York for this tip...
We charge a higher price for the pins now that we order them in the display box. And we actually sell more - it's not much more expensive for us, but I think the perceived value is much higher.

Thanks to Steve R. from Ohio for this tip...
I couldn't figure out how to display our pins for maximum visibility, but my wife bought one of those foam pool noodles and put it over a standing paper towel holder. We just push the pins into the foam and sell them from there. We've only had to replace the foam every few months and those things are pretty cheap and easy to get, so it's not a big deal.

Thanks to Bob F. from Texas for this tip...
To save on the set-up, we just use the same design every year and change out the colors and print the current year. Our members actually like the constancy without them looking exactly the same year after year.

Thanks to Craig H. from Oregon for this tip...
We've sold more pins by offering a "twofer" deal - at this year's convention we sold them for $5.00 each or 3 For $12.00 and almost everyone who bought, bought three. Who can resist "such a deal?"

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