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Custom Wholesale Pins
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In almost any design, less is usually more, and due to the size of lapel pins and other similar emblem jewelry, this rule-of-thumb is even more important to follow. Although we can literally fill your pin from edge-to-edge with extremely fine designs, you won’t want to get out a magnifying glass to read it all. To the naked eye, a crowded pin will look like "muddy."
Pick one element as the central focus of your pin – one graphic or piece of text – and eliminate, reduce or make all other elements secondary. Leaving “white space” (not necessarily white, but a space with no text or graphics) on your pin will make it easier to read and more attractive to look at.  
Many customers sketch their idea on a full-sized sheet of paper. The very first thing we do in our studio is reduce the sketch to the final pin size. We suggest that you try this too – either on a copy machine or by making a tiny hand drawing. You’ll immediately see that your 10 word slogan will be in lettering 1/64th of an inch tall or that the eagle in the tree looks smaller than an ant on a molehill. In this reduced size, it will be obvious whether the pin will read well as-is, or need tweaking to make an attractive piece that you’ll be proud of.

Your price quote will be based on the pin’s longest dimension - vertical or horizontal (not diagonal). We can produce items in any size, but most pins we design are 1.00” – 1.50”. If a pin is too small it can be hard to read, if it’s too large, many people won’t wear it. For easy reference, 1.00" is about the size of a US quarter. A round or square pin will often look significantly larger than a rectangular or oval pin of the same size.

Some companies offer only “cookie cutter” pins – rectangles or circles with your design contained in that shape. We are pleased to let your imagination run wild with any shape you can envision – usually at no additional charge.
Think outside the box! Your pin can be the shape of your state, an animal, a shooting star, etc. You can also create dramatic effects by beginning with a standard shape (rectangle or oval) and then extending elements beyond the frame – as if the extended object is “jumping out” at you.
You can also add to the basic shape of your pin by using a “dangling charm” (a piece that hangs from the main pin) or a “jacket” (a pin that fits into / on top of another pin) or a “puzzle” (several pins that together form one design, like two halves of a heart, etc.).

Four colors plus the metal color are included in the cost of your pin. Additional colors are available for a small extra charge. You can choose basic colors or an exact shade of color by supplying us with a PMS color number (available from any commercial printer or graphic artist).  
When designing your pin, remember that unless you are ordering a printed pin, due to the manufacturing process, colors can not touch each other - each color must be “trapped” by raised. For example, blue letters on a white background will be outlined by a very thin band of shiny, uncolored metal. Think of a coloring book in which the lines are gold or silver rather than black.
Don’t feel like you must fill your entire pin with color. Use the power of the metal – raised gold lettering or a raised gold border can be very attractive. Don’t feel you have to use all four colors – we make some very attractive pins using only black and gold, silver and blue, etc. No color at all is also an option. We produce many striking pins that are all silver or all gold. This is particularly effective with when you are trying to achieve a subtle or sophisticated effect.
Highly contrasting colors will make your pin easier to read.  
When you receive a computer or paper design from us, keep in mind that your computer screen or paper printout can’t do justice to the finished product. The contrast of the colors against the metal will be MUCH better on the final pin than can be illustrated on a computer rendering or paper print out. Your proof will not be nearly as stunning as the final product.

Block letters - all capital - are the easiest letters to read. Script letters are difficult to produce and difficult to read. Larger, bolder lettering can be filled with color, while smaller, more delicate fonts must most often be reproduced in the metal color.  
Some pins can be effective with very limited wording or even no lettering at all, if the image is strong enough. One advantage of a pin with no words is that people may wear it more often – as jewelry rather than an advertisement.

Click here to learn more about the different types of pins you can choose from and different finishes you can apply to make your pins more unique.
Ultimately, it’s your pin and we’ll produce anything you like. But please take our design suggestions to heart in the spirit that they’re given - we offer our years of design experience at no charge to make your pin (and you) shine! Tell us your ideas and together we’ll come up a memorable design to reflect you and your organization or event.
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